Considered myself super lucky today as I was surprised with the most priceless gift of all. I had wanted to do something like this with Maile after realizing over the past couple years that she was getting older and older, and I kept telling myself over and over that I needed to do it soon but never did. Then regret sunk in when it was a little too late. But OMG HERE IT IS. It means the worrrrrld to me that I now have this tangible piece to remember her by and that I will still be able to place my fingertips over hers (and remember how much she hated when I did that). But her perfect itty bitty paws were always my fave, and now I’ll never forget the itty bitty perfection she was. So THANK YOU @mabouchi and Tracie, I’m so grateful for this and that we were able to send her over the rainbow in the best hands.